Other Uses of the Watering System

The automatic watering system can be useful around the garden or landscape in other ways.

WasherAs well as providing a high pressure source of water for washing down paving and other areas, the supply can be used to automatically top us pools and water features and even swimming pools. The installation of a watering system also presents an opportunity to economically install lighting cables in the trenches taken out for the distribution pipework and ISC can also carry out this work and install lighting fittings where required. In recent years, the problem of subsidence of building foundations, caused by contracting clay soils, has become apparent in the dry summer season. The clays contract when they dry out, either through direct evaporation or because plants, and especially trees, draw out all the soil moisture through their roots. An automatic watering system around the property will maintain soil moisture at quite high levels to suit the planting and it can therefore be expected that any clay soils will not contract by the same amount as if the system was not installed.





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