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Wouldn’t You Rather be Playing Golf?

Or sailing or fishing? Or spending quality time with the family? Or simply just relaxing in the garden that has grown from all your time and effort. Anything other than holding hose-pipes and moving little plastic sprayers around in a vain effort to keep that garden looking good, only to see it turn into a desert when you go on holiday?

Then the answer is to have Irrigation Systems Company (Projects) Ltd install a custom designed automatic watering system and forget that chore forever.

If detailed drawings do not exist, ISC's engineers will survey the landscape in order that a proper and accurate irrigation design can be prepared.

Once that has been done, a formal offer will be made for the design and installation of the system.

It will take about two weeks to proceed from the first contact to the offer. When the offer has been accepted, a timetable for the installation will be agreed and, subject only to weather conditions (if it gets too wet, work will have to stop,) the system will be installed and commissioned to that programme and the client, or his staff, will be instructed in the use of the equipment. ISC will then look after the system under contract.

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ISC also design and install the plant and equipment required for fountains and water features. This can include submersible and dry pumping systems, normal and biological filters, disinfection systems using chemicals or ultraviolet light, aeration equipment and pool conditioning systems, etc., as well as the nozzles and pipework designed to create the desired display.

Control systems are also designed and installed and these can simply operate the fountain on a time basis and bring in the water conditioning system for part of the cycle, or they can carry out more complex tasks such as to modulate the height of the fountain in high winds and on to functions that will even make the display respond to the approach of people. The company also designs and install pool feature lighting so that the fountain can be view properly at night. Water features can be designed to achieve almost any desired effect, there are no boundaries.

Design and Build

Design and Build

Design and Build





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