Irrigation Systems Company – The Consultancy.

Irrigation Systems Company can claim to be one of the most experienced specialist irrigation consulting company's in, at least, Europe.

Since the company was formed in 1975, work has been carried out in over sixty countries, on all six Continents. The experience of the principals goes back further than that.

Work has been carried out on projects ranging from golf courses to greenhouses, from sugar estates to housing estates and from recreational parks to business parks.

Office facade with sprinklers running on grass at front


The fields covered have included:

  • Agricultural Irrigation
  • Horticultural Irrigation
  • Landscape Irrigation
  • Recreational Irrigation
  • Golf Course Irrigation
  • Fountain and Cascade Systems
  • Greenhouse Developments
  • Micro-Propagation Facilities
  • Agricultural and Horticultural Project Development
  • Mushroom Cultivation
  • Water and Sewage Treatment for Irrigation Use
  • Compost Production
  • Forestry Establishment




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