About Us

Irrigation Systems Company can claim to be the most experienced specialist irrigation consulting company in Europe if not the World.

The company was started by Steve Usher in December 1975, so has now been in existence under the same management for over thirty years. During that time, it has worked in all aspects of irrigation throughout the UK and in around one hundred countries all over the World. Initially, the company concentrated on design work operating as a Partnership but soon set up an associated contracting company to design, build and maintain irrigation systems.

Both companies are still operating and both have one very big advantage over most other irrigation companies: they are independent of ties to hardware manufacturers. That means that irrigation designs are carried out from the viewpoint of individual client's requirements, not as a way of selling products from a limited catalogue. It does not matter whether the company is designing a system for a golf course in southern Europe, installing a major
landscape system in the UK, specifying and supplying a farm system in Kenya or looking at the feasibility of greenhouse production in the USA, all work is tailored to the client's needs.

ISC's Mission Statement is quite simple:
To be the BEST landscape irrigation company in the UK, and beyond, with the best standards of engineering design, installation and service.


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